wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Monday, July 09, 2012

It's Highly Addictive!

I must say I'm enjoying getting up and running again.  I'm liking the layout changes since the last time I posted as well.  Hope you all are enjoying the results.

Spent the weekend in Indianapolis, visiting family for our post facto 4th of July celebration get-together.  That was an enjoyable experience.  Of course, I enjoy any excuse to consume an actual coney from up north.  A Sonic coney is not the real thing.  Coneys aren't just hot dogs.  And this trip I didn't have to play any Pokemon card games with a ten year old who makes up the rules as he goes.  But it was really nice to see everybody again.  Good times.

Today I rediscovered Mountain Dew Baja Blast, thanks to Taco Bell.  Still like it and I can continue to say that I am a fan of every flavor of Mountain Dew I've ever come across.  Before long they're going to have a cola and every other flavor of soda and become a new conglomerate altogether to rival Coke and Pepsi in earnest, which is not to say they don't already rival them.  I don't know of any other soft drink more addictively adhered-to than Mountain Dew.  I always thought Slurm would have tasted basically like Mountain Dew (probably mostly the color) and if you're a Futurama watcher, you know Slurm is highly addictive, especially the super-concentrated batch.

Not surprisingly, in acquiring that image, I encountered several identical opinions of the assumed flavor.  I wonder if that was the intention of the creators.

Gotta go.  I have things to do.  Until next time, blog fans.

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