wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Friday, November 09, 2007

Well, I'm sitting here in the office at work again and a friend of mine is sitting in here playing a game on his computer. As he's playing, he keeps talking, half to himself and half to me, but I'm being quite entertained by his series of statements, so I'm gonna share a few with you as he says them.

I have a giant hammer!
I'm only level 1? That really sucks.
I just moved through a rock. That was odd.
Wow, that's the wierdest 3-eyed bird I've ever seen.
Hey, that wasn't very nice.

Okay, he's pretty much engrossed in the game now and isn't talking anymore. I missed a few at the beginning because I forgot them before I got here to type them. I knew you wouldn't mind. I'll be needing to go to class soon anyway, so ta ta.

Don't forget about the cheap xbox 360 elites available from my September 28 post! I command it!

Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm going to take this opportunity to do a little shameless promoting. I'm getting a new XBox 360 Elite for about $10 and rather than keep this little secret to myself, I've decided to pass on the goodness to you. If you don't want the console, you can just opt for the $480. So here's the link. Go sign up and complete one offer. You're welcome to do more than one, of course, but that would basically just be wasting money. You only have to do one. There are instructions throughout the process, so it shouldn't be too confusing.

Now that that's out of the way, how is everybody? I'm sitting here at work and posting a new blog. I have to go to class in a few minutes, so I should probably wrap this up. Hope you all enjoy your consoles or money.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It actually hasn't been as long as I thought it had since I posted last. I surprise myself yet again. Like that time I decided to take Calculus II. Yeah, I'm starting to think that was a bad idea, what with me not having taken a math class in over a year.

I guess I could mention that I am now also on facebook, for all you facebook users out there. It's been a while since I joined, but I never mentioned it here, so there you are. I'd post a link to it with the one to my myspace, but you have to be a friend of mine on facebook to even look at it, so there wouldn't be much point for most of you.

You know that Christian band I'm a sound guy for? Well, I think it's pretty much dissolved for now, due to conflicting schedules, priorities, that sort of thing. We might pick it up at a later date, but nothing for now, which makes me sad.

I suppose the final topic of discussion for this post will be that I'm back from my Florida vacation, which was AWESOME! I saw dolphins really far off, but didn't get nearly close enough to touch them. I swam with a huge ray of some kind. I think it was a stingray. That was super cool. I got stung by a bunch of jellyfish, which was slightly less than cool. Some of the people I went with saw a six foot shark while I wasn't around. I wish I had been there. I probly would have gone out to swim with it, or at least get a better look at it. I know, I know, sharks can bite and even kill you, but so can stingrays and I swam with one. A big one. I don't care about that stuff. If I die, I die. No biggy. That's not me giving my permission to order a hit on me or anything, because that's a different issue entirely. That would make me very angry. But me risking my own life ain't no thang.

Okay, that's not the final topic. This is. While on vacation I started the final Harry Potter book and I finished it earlier this week. Yes, I'm a slow reader. Don't care. It was a really good book. They all were. Now I'm sad because the adventure is over. I'm also irritated because now I have to find a new adventure to hold my attention for a while. Thanks to my uncle for some suggestions, even though he probably will never see this. Thanks anyway. I'm gonna look for some of them. I probly can't buy many of them, since I'm once again broke, due to college and vehicle stuff, but I'll search them out nevertheless. And now I bid you adieu and hope I spelled that right because I'm tired and a bit smelly, so I'm off to a shower and a bed with a pillow, but no blankets because it's so dang hot. Good night.

Friday, March 30, 2007

As you may or may not have noticed, I have added another link. It's to AfroRyan's new blog documenting the growth of hair. So instead of asking him how long it takes to grow an afro, just go read about it. Of course, you may have to wait a while. It's just getting started.

In an unrelated story, I left my car windows down a little today because it was quite hot inside the car. Once again, it poured...POURED down rain while my windows were down. The funny thing is that there was little to no moisture in my car. Isn't that wierd? Yes, yes it is. It's like there was a magic bubble around my car that kept rain from coming through my open windows. Not that I'm complaining, but it certainly seemed strange to me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I remembered what the other thing was that I had included in the first try of the last post. I went to see 300 the day it came out. It was pretty awesome. I would definitely recommend it...except to the young'ns. They ought not to see it, what for the nipple action, man-butt, sex scenes, and large amounts of violence. Not really things da chillens needs to be seein'. But anyone else...have at it.

So I went to Hardee's for lunch today. Who is Hardee? Because the apostrophe in the restaurant's name implies that it belongs to this person, whoever he/she is. Same for Arby's. Who is Arby? Are the two related? I mean, we know who Ronald McDonald and Colonal Sanders are, not that KFC is called Sanders's or Colonal's, but you get my point. Wendy's even has the little girl on the sign. I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be Dave Thomas's daughter, but that's not the point. Come to think of it, there are all kinds of restaurants that present this same quandry. I'm not going to try to name them all, but you know I'm right. I know you know. Know how I know you know? No, you probably don't, but that's truly, truly irrelevant to anything in my whole post...other than the question asking you whether you know...shut up. $33 y0u 1@73r.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ladies all the time be askin' me "Coach Z, how come you don't dance no more?" But enough about that. Once again, my computer froze while I was trying to do a post. I had it close to done, too.

Why are the backs of shins called calves? Are we supposed to call the backs of thighs cows? I mean at least then calves would make sense, especially since when a calf is young and feeding it's under the cow. But then why would we call the backs of thighs cows? None of it makes sense.

I know there was something else I included the first time I tried to post this. I don't remember what it was, though.

Oh well. Here's something I was pondering. What is the origin of the term "spit'n image"? You know, like how babies are always the spit'n image of one of the parents? Is it supposed to be spitting image? Because I don't get that. Cause when you think about it that way, you take the image of the parent and then make it spit. That's what the kid is. On the other hand, if it's supposed to be the spit and image, that makes sense if you think about it. Cause what's in spit? DNA, that's what. The kid would kinda have their parent's DNA in them, so you could say (I guess...if your...I don't know...dumb) that they have their parents' spit. And of course the image part is obvious. They look like their parent.

I should probably be paying attention to the teacher. He's lecturing and I haven't really been listening. I tried for a minute, but it was boring...so I got on teh internets.

Seriously, does anyone read this? I mean other than AfroRyan? I know you do every now and then. But is anyone else getting any enjoyment whatsoever from this blog? If you happen to read this, don't hesitate to comment or let me know you read it. Right now I'm just rambling on, basically talking to a computer screen. Well, I'm talking in my head. Not really out loud to the screen. That would be interupting class. And I'd probly get sent out of the room.

Do you ever snake spit by accident? Like when you yawn or something? That gets annoying. Entertaining, but annoying. Cause it's usually when I'm reading something, so it gets all over the book and the pages get wet. Sometimes the ink runs. I wouldn't get quite so irritated if I could do it on purpose. I can't. But accidentally I'm a pro. I think I just did on my arm. I don't know where else all that moisture came from.

I'm so tired...and hungry. But I still have almost an hour of class left. Well, this is me...signing off.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I tried this once recently but then my computer froze and I got mad. Let's try it again.

So I finally got on mySpace. Yeah, that's pretty much why I haven't been here. I think I may have become an addict. I need an intervention. I'm stopping in to show the love, though. Here it is. A big, steaming pile of love. Dig in.