wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I think I may have an addiction.  An unhealthy attachment to StreetPassing.  You might call it an obsession.  I carry it with me in case I come across someone else using it, make special trips to places I know people are using it, and make sure to get my steps in every day.  It's harmless, I know, but ridiculous all the same.  I know it, AfroRyan knows it, several friends know it.  Curse you, Nintendo for making such an addictive little mini-game!  I love it for some reason!  I would like to point out that the browser on the 3DS sucks, though.  If you're watching, Nintendo, if you could fix that, it would be great.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I've been wondering for a while why my Twitter feed hasn't been updating down there on the side.  I finally got around to figuring out what the problem was.  Apparently there have been changes in the programming of Twitter and how you link things and a bunch of technical rigamarole, but it looks like I got it fixed.  And all by myself!  (If you don't count Google searching and walk-throughs)  Not sure why it was so important for my feed to be on this page, but it was.

Ever get back from lunch at work and need to use the bathroom, but someone else just went in and you know you don't want to go in there immediately after what they've just done, but you need to do the same thing?  Yeah, I don't like that situation.  Hopefully I've waited long enough now.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Beautiful Monsters

This month on A Blue Shelf And...

When I'm waiting for programs to do what I told them to do at work, sometimes I do Google searches to find neat pictures.  I believe I explained that in a previous post.  Anyway, being a child of the late 80s and 90s, there are some old tv shows that I remember vividly with very fond feelings.  When I find a great artist who re-imagines the characters of the show and makes me want to watch it all over again, I am very appreciative.  As I am not one such artist, I can't do such a thing myself, but I'm going to point out a couple of greats that I've found recently that just made my day.  My apologies in advance for the fact that they'll all be in a line from top to bottom.  I'm still working on how to do this better and since I don't do it often, I'm not getting much practice.

These Gargoyles pics can be found at immarart.deviantart.com, formerly digitaltofu.deviantart.com and I think they're just fantastic.

Following in the same vein, these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pics can be found at davidrapozaart.deviantart.com and they are likewise fantastic.

Both artists have a host of other work that is well worth a look.  I would definitely recommend them both.  I'm thinking we need to do some reboots of old shows and hire these guys to do their stuff.  Darker and even more awesome versions of already awesome concepts.  Enjoy!