wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ओंस अगं, ... Okay, let's try that again. For some reason, it had the "type in Hindi" option turned on. Once again, a work blog. Actually this time I'm not on the clock. I'm just in the four hour break between work and class, so technically it's not a work blog. But I am using a work computer to type it, so maybe it's a working lunch blog.

Anyway, the semester has ended since my last post and a new one has taken it's place of contempt in my mind. Calculus 3 is not my friend. You hear that, calc 3? Your days are numbered! But enough of that. Having caught up a bit with my own blog by reading my last post, since I very rarely update, I realize that I did indeed enjoy Expelled, Iron Man, Dark Knight, and Get Smart. The others I have not seen yet, but I still believe I'll enjoy them. As for the Xbox 360 Elite situation, since nobody seems willing to help me out and complete an offer, I had to just break down and buy a regular 360. But it has not gone to waste. I have enjoyed it much with what little free time I've been able to spend with it. My best pal AfroRyan, whose blog you'll see to your right, labeled Afromegaly, has enabled me to acquire or borrow several games to get me started with achievements, which is greatly appreciated. What a guy. Did that sound a little gay? It sounded a little gay to me. No matter. Uh-oh. It's getting close to class time and I still need to take a pre-class dook. Guess I'll go do that. Until whenever.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hmm...I seem to be getting into the habit of blogging at work. Not sure if that's a good thing, but seeing as how I have nothing to do anyway and the boss isn't in here at the moment, I'm going to choose not to care right now.

Know what I hate? Getting up early. Know what else I hate? Homework. Know what else I hate? School in general. Props to incomplete sentences. I was late getting up early for school this morning because I stayed up too late attempting to do my homework last night. I did almost a full problem. I am so ready for this semester to be over. Seriously. I'm burnt out.

I wish I had an Xbox 360 Elite right now *wink wink*. If you don't know what the winking is about, read a couple posts ago and all will be made known to you.

Everybody excited about Expelled the Movie? I am. I'm gonna like it. I can tell these things. I'm also really looking forward to Iron Man, Dark Knight, Wall E, Hancock, Get Smart, Speed Racer (kinda), and quite a few others that I can't think of now.

I probably better go finish my homework, since it's due in four hours.