wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Friday, February 24, 2006

Success! I finally figured out how to post pictures! I didn't really do anything different from what I always tried to do, either. I guess the "post picture" button really wasn't working. I was beginning to think that I was just retarded and was missing something really simple. Anyway, here are the pics from the hockey game I promised. These are from right down at the glass, as you can probably tell. Just look at them. Several awesome pictures of the glorious Red Wings, the best hockey team ever. These are, of course, during warm-up. Once the game started we had to go back to our seats, which were about twenty rows up. Not bad, but not close enough to get good pictures.
Situations at my residence have not been conducive to a good blog. In other words, I've been too busy doin' stuff to check in here. For the past two weeks my gramma has been visiting from Michigan. During the first week our plumbing was in disarray. Apparently, the drain that leads from the house to the sewer broke somewhere out in the yard due to a massive tree root or something of that nature, so the water was just stopping where the pipe met the dirt and root and such, meaning that flushed water had nowhere to go but into the floor. After several attempts to fix the problem ourselves and days of pooping away from home, we realized we were not capable of repairing the damage. So now our back yard is divided by a semi-filled-back-in trench.

The upside to my time away is that our basketball team has now won three total games. If you'll recall, that's two more since the last post.

And now, thoughts of spontaneity.
Have you ever farted in a bathroom with a good echo? Last time I did it sounded almost musical. You really ought to try it. It's fun.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Basketball is teh suck. We've only won one game so far. Holy crap. Suck.

Oh, well. You'll enjoy this story. So I'm sitting at the lunch table with some friends today at school. I don't remember what we were talking about, but that's not important anyway. One friend had six ketchup packets, each individually named, for some reason. A girl at the far end of the table takes one of the packets and is playing with it. --You probably know about where this is going by now.-- The majority of us are fairly deep in conversation at this point about video games or tv or something, when all of a sudden I see the girl at the far end of the table bring her hand down with great force into the ketchup packet she has placed on said table. Before I have time to do more than start to raise my hands in defense, I see small droplets of ketchup hurtling toward my face with astounding speed, closely resembling the stars in that scene of Star Wars when the Millenium Falcon makes the jump to light speed...except red and semi-liquidy. When it's over I slowly open my eyes, realizing what has just taken place, and look around to survey the damage. Apparently I'm the one who has taken the overwhelming majority of the ketchup attack, as the rest of the table is now looking at me between glances at each other and laughing hysterically. As I repeatedly ask for a napkin to begin undoing the damage that has been done, I can smell the strong odor of ketchup eminating from my face, jacket, and shirt. So I wipe off all the ketchup I can find and eventually go about the rest of my day, occasionally stumbling across another little pocket of condiment I've overlooked. When I get home and finally have time to take a good look in the mirror, I can see that some of my hair is a little matted together. As I start to brush through it (knowing that a brush is much more suitable for detangling than a comb), I uncover several globs of dried ketchup hiding in the vicinity of my scalp. My shower tonight will be extra thorough, as I'd rather not have a tomato-based dipping sauce setting up camp in the follicle forest that is my hair.

How was your day?