wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It actually hasn't been as long as I thought it had since I posted last. I surprise myself yet again. Like that time I decided to take Calculus II. Yeah, I'm starting to think that was a bad idea, what with me not having taken a math class in over a year.

I guess I could mention that I am now also on facebook, for all you facebook users out there. It's been a while since I joined, but I never mentioned it here, so there you are. I'd post a link to it with the one to my myspace, but you have to be a friend of mine on facebook to even look at it, so there wouldn't be much point for most of you.

You know that Christian band I'm a sound guy for? Well, I think it's pretty much dissolved for now, due to conflicting schedules, priorities, that sort of thing. We might pick it up at a later date, but nothing for now, which makes me sad.

I suppose the final topic of discussion for this post will be that I'm back from my Florida vacation, which was AWESOME! I saw dolphins really far off, but didn't get nearly close enough to touch them. I swam with a huge ray of some kind. I think it was a stingray. That was super cool. I got stung by a bunch of jellyfish, which was slightly less than cool. Some of the people I went with saw a six foot shark while I wasn't around. I wish I had been there. I probly would have gone out to swim with it, or at least get a better look at it. I know, I know, sharks can bite and even kill you, but so can stingrays and I swam with one. A big one. I don't care about that stuff. If I die, I die. No biggy. That's not me giving my permission to order a hit on me or anything, because that's a different issue entirely. That would make me very angry. But me risking my own life ain't no thang.

Okay, that's not the final topic. This is. While on vacation I started the final Harry Potter book and I finished it earlier this week. Yes, I'm a slow reader. Don't care. It was a really good book. They all were. Now I'm sad because the adventure is over. I'm also irritated because now I have to find a new adventure to hold my attention for a while. Thanks to my uncle for some suggestions, even though he probably will never see this. Thanks anyway. I'm gonna look for some of them. I probly can't buy many of them, since I'm once again broke, due to college and vehicle stuff, but I'll search them out nevertheless. And now I bid you adieu and hope I spelled that right because I'm tired and a bit smelly, so I'm off to a shower and a bed with a pillow, but no blankets because it's so dang hot. Good night.

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