wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm officially a college guy now. My first day I had two classes and on my first day I had homework in...two classes. Dangit, that's what I hated about school the most! That was always my downfall. Not doing my homework. That's life, though, I guess. At least I made a new friend. He works at the Federal Pennitentiary. We found out in one of our classes that there's a bunch more stuff we need to buy and he bought some of it at the campus bookstore and let me and a friend of mine know how much it cost. I hate spending money. Another strike against college, cause you have to spend a lot. I think I finally got my English class dropped, though, so that's good for me. I also found out that I got a scholarship through my church! That was some really good news! It'll pay about enough for all the supplies I've had to get, including books.

After my first day of college I went back to my aunt and uncles house. The work is almost done. There are just a few touches to finish up, unless they decide they want me to dig out some more so I can fit in some more blocks. I wouldn't put it past them, but I really hope they're fine with it the way it is.

Here's the cool part of my day. On my way from school to "the job site" I was almost there when I saw something crossing the road. I slowed down when I first saw it, so I was still a ways off. When I got closer I could see it was a little box turtle. It was moving pretty fast for a turtle. When I got almost to it I slammed my breaks. Since I was already slowed down quite a bit, that wasn't really a big deal. The road was wet, though, so I still skidded a little and even squealed. Not me, my car. When the tires squealed I guess it scared the turtle, because it stopped moving and pulled into its shell. So I backed up a little and drove around it, up the driveway, and into a parking spot. Then I ran back to the turtle, grabbed it between cars, and carried it back to the house. I carried it to the back yard and set it down at the edge of the woods back there. It stayed there and I walked away and started working. I went back to check on it and it was gone, so I guess it's alright. I may have saved the life of a turtle! Steve Irwin is my hero. That's enough for now, so Adios.

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