wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Friday, May 08, 2015


Just thought I'd check in with my adoring fans after another unfortunate hiatus and realized that I left you all with a major cliffhanger last time!  I can totally talk about that thing now.  It was my privilege to work on The Driving Dead, a really cool series of PSAs for IDOT starring the one and only Michael Rooker, who you may know from such films and series as Days of Thunder, Tombstone, Cliffhanger, and the ever popular The Walking Dead, not to mention Guardians of the Galaxy.  Obviously he's a very good and very versatile actor and he was fantastic to work with.
Here's a picture of he and I goofing around on set.  He has a lot of stories, let me tell you.  And between takes or while setting up for a shoot he is a fun guy to be around.
Here's a more "formal" picture of us.  It was a blast hanging out with him for a couple of days.  So glad I was able to take off work those days.  The first two episodes are up and more are to come, so head over to The Driving Dead and check it out!  I'd challenge you to see if you can spot me, but I'm pretty well hidden.  I can point out where I am, but otherwise no one would probably ever know.

And in other news, I have a shameless plug for a comic site I peruse on a semi-regular basis.  If you use the link and buy something, you'll get $5 off your first order and I'll get a $5 credit to my account, which is nice.  So the site is Comixology and it's actually a really neat site for comic junkies who can't get enough, although if you have a lack of self control it could get dangerous for you, based on the availability of so many comics.  Click on the link and get us both $5!

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