wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

How time flies

So it's been almost a year again since my last post.  That's a little depressing.  What's even worse is I can't think of much to mention to get you up to date with me.  I guess that means you're up to date.  Some great movies and games have come and gone.  I've watched and played some of them.  I probably enjoyed them.

Oh, that reminds me.  I got into Sherlock (a while ago now) and it's awesome!  Still waiting for the next season, though.  And between that, Star Trek:  Into Darkness, and The Hobbit, I've discovered that I really like Benedict Cumberbatch.  He's quite versatile and very good.  I also revisited the show Fringe and my girlfriend and I have really been enjoying watching that together.  Thanks to our friends who let us borrow the first two seasons!  You know who you are.

There is one other thing I really want to mention.  However, I've been sworn to secrecy for the time being.  Suffice it to say that I've been helping some friends of mine with a project and I've enjoyed working on it thoroughly.  I'll be able to expound on it further soon, I think.  But for now, just be satisfied in knowing that there will be another post in the near future that will include something actually interesting.  I thought about posting a teaser photo to whet your appetite, but I probably shouldn't.  So what you get is a teaser of a teaser.  I'm such a tease!

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