wide blue shelf

wide blue shelf

Friday, February 24, 2006

Success! I finally figured out how to post pictures! I didn't really do anything different from what I always tried to do, either. I guess the "post picture" button really wasn't working. I was beginning to think that I was just retarded and was missing something really simple. Anyway, here are the pics from the hockey game I promised. These are from right down at the glass, as you can probably tell. Just look at them. Several awesome pictures of the glorious Red Wings, the best hockey team ever. These are, of course, during warm-up. Once the game started we had to go back to our seats, which were about twenty rows up. Not bad, but not close enough to get good pictures.


AfroRyan said...

It's kind
of hard
to read
most of
You should
really post
the pictures
with the

Captain Jack said...

Yeah, I realized that upon posting them. It was actually going to be a topic of discussion in the next post, whenever that is. It may still be, but now that it's been brought to light, I don't know. Thanks for possibly ruining the next post.